Silicone Specifications

Silicone specifications include durometer, grades, thickness, and width. Elasto supplies the silicones that you need in a range of compounds with the following specs:

  • Durometers (30 to 80 Shore A),
  • Grades (GP, FDA, fluoro, low temp, extreme high-temp, conductive, and more)
  • Thicknesses (0.10” to .500”)
  • Widths (up to 60”)

These high-quality silicones come in various colors and can meet tough industry and customer requirements, too.

ElastaPro also supplies many fabric-reinforced materials, from fiberglass to specialty aerospace fabrics, along with multiple surface finish options.

Uncured silicone compounds from ElastaPro also deliver value. At our Made in the USA manufacturing facility, we formulate with VMQ, FVMQ, PVMQ and hybrids. We pride ourselves on quick turn-around times and long-term relationships, too.

Contact us for more information about silicone specifications, or to place an order. Follow us on LinkedIn, too.

Scott Kearns

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