Uncured Silicone Compound

Uncured Silicone Compound

Uncured silicone compound from ElastoPro combines the advantages of high-quality silicone rubber with exceptional service and technology. Our uncured silicone rubber is proudly Made in the USA and comes in a variety of grades, catalysts, durometers, sizes, and colors.


Silicone Rubber in its uncured state must be cured with temperature (and pressure depending on the catalyst) to convert it to a solid material. The three primary modes of fabricating silicone parts are; molding, extrusion, and calendering. Cure systems include platinum and peroxide. Platinum cured silicones have better clarity, surface finish, and higher physical properties in certain areas; along with being odorless and tasteless; vs peroxide cured silicones.

ElastaPro can provide various catalyst systems and various preforms to best suit your machine loading and processing requirements to yield the best efficiencies.


ElastaPro supplies uncured silicone compound with these benefits:

  • Full access to both silicone and fluorosilicone elastomers supports more efficient ordering.
  • Specifications grade uncured silicone compound meets industry standards and customer callouts. Examples include 3-A, ASTM, AMS, BMS, DMS, FDA/BgVV, MIL and MIL-SPEC
  • Formulations range from VMQ and FVMQ to PVMQ and hybrids.
  • Custom colors are available to support your larger product designs.

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