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Extreme Flame Retardant Silicone Solid Sheet

Extreme flame retardant solid silicone sheet from ElastaPro is designed for applications that need high flame resistance and a UL 94 V0 Yellow Card listed material. This solid silicone sheet also generates low smoke density for interior applications such as rail, air, and sea transportation. Extreme flame retardant solid silicone sheet is easy to fabricate in to gaskets and comes in thicknesses from .010” to .500”, and in widths up to 60”.

60 durometer Solid Silicone sheet

Extreme flame retardant grade silicone sheeting comes in the following durometer.

Specifications Grade Solid silicone sheeting

This ElastaPro specifications grade material has a UL 94 VO Yellow Card on file with Underwriters Laboratories (UL). It also meets FAR 25.853 flammability requirements for aircraft compartment interiors.

extreme flame retardant silicone