Silicone is a versatile synthetic material composed primarily of silicon, oxygen, carbon, and hydrogen. Its non-reactive nature makes it suitable for diverse applications, including sealants, lubricants, and medical implants. Moreover, its exceptional thermal stability allows it to withstand temperature variations, from freezing to high-temperature industrial processes.

Due to its versatility, silicone comes in different specifications tailored to meet diverse industry requirements. These variations in material formulations allow for customization based on hardness, flexibility, and chemical resistance. Below are some of its most common specifications and their respective applications:

Military Specifications

Here are examples of widely-used silicone mil-specifications:


The MIL-DTL-25988 specification is structured to define the parameters and characteristics of fluorosilicone (FVMQ) materials, emphasizing their intended use in aerospace applications. It classifies the materials into various classes, considering factors like tensile strength, elongation, and durometer hardness. It also guarantees that the fluorosilicone meets stringent standards, providing reliability, durability, and performance across military conditions.


The MIL-DTL-83528 criterion outlines the specifications for electrically conductive rubber and fluorosilicone gaskets. These products are intended to offer protection against electromagnetic interference (EMI) and radio frequency interference (RFI). They are essential components in instances where shielding against such disruption is required to ensure electronic systems’ integrity and effective operation.

Aviation Specifications

While no specific overarching aviation specifications exist exclusively for silicone, various standards may reference or incorporate silicone-based materials. Here are a few examples:

Lockheed STM23

Lockheed STM23 specifications cover a wide range of silicone chemistry for various mission-critical requirements. Materials such as high-strength VMQ, PVMQ, and FVMQ are used with the Lockhead STM23 specifications. ElastaPro has many materials that meet these requirements.


The MIL-PRF-81322 specification outlines general requirements for aircraft turbine engine lubricating oils. It does not specifically focus on silicone, but some lubricants that meet this specification may contain silicone-based additives. These compounds known for their thermal stability and oxidation resistance contribute to the lubricants ability to withstand high temperatures within turbine engines.


The AMS criterion specifies silicone rubber for use in high-temperature aviation engine seals and gaskets. The material is designed to withstand the extreme conditions encountered in aircraft engines, like elevated temperatures and exposure to aviation fuels. In addition, silicone rubber in various aerospace applications contributes to effective sealing and long-term durability. ElastaPro offers certified materials meeting stringent standards, including 3302, 3303, 3304, 3305, 3315, 3320, 33345, 3337, 3346, 3325, 3332, 3326, 3348, and 3348.

Boeing Material Specifications

Boeing typically employs various industry and international standards for materials. ElastaPro works with key requests such as BMS 1-52, 1-76, 1-57, 1-73 and 1-73.

BMS Solid Silicone Sheet

BMS solid silicone sheets are engineered to meet stringent standards for flexibility, durability, and high resistance to environmental factors. This makes them suitable for diverse aircraft components. They are also utilized in gaskets, seals, and insulation applications, providing reliable performance in challenging aerospace environments.

At ElastaPro Silicone Sheeting, these sheets arrive ready for die-cutting. They are between 0.010” and 0.500” thick and available in widths of up to 60”.

BMS Uncured Silicone Compound

The BMS sets stringent standards for uncured silicone compounds’ right chemical composition and physical properties. This ensures that they meet the specific requirements for aerospace use. By adhering to BMS, manufacturers guarantee that the compounds contribute to producing high-quality and durable aviation components.

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