Silicone Market

Have you seen what they’re saying about the silicone market? If you need solid silicone sheeting or uncured silicone compounds, it’s time to know ElastaPro.

“Manufacturers should invest in making regional and global Silicone Rubber Sheet supply chains reliable for maximum gains in the foreseeable future. Players should also . . . focus on customizing their products”. – Source: Worldwide Market Reports

As the silicone market for solid sheeting gets tighter, it’s time to tighten your supply chain, too. Otherwise, loose links won’t provide the strength you need – especially from suppliers with long lead times, high MOQs, and a narrow selection of products.

ElastaPro has the solid silicone sheeting and uncured silicone compounds that you need, when you need them, and in both standard products and custom compounds.

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Scott Kearns

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