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Safety should always be the highest priority for food manufacturers. A single error in handling and packaging could result in a negative brand image and the consumers losing their trust in the brand. Over the years, different materials — like glass, metal, wood, plastic, rubber, and silicone — have been used to seal, store, hold, pack, and transport food items domestically and internationally. However, a particular material stands out above the rest.

FDA-approved silicone materials are widely used around the globe due to the numerous benefits they offer to their users. In addition, companies and food manufacturers often choose this type of silicone for their business operations because of its versatility and high-performing features.

FDA silicone materials are multifaceted and robust synthetic polymers. These products have low volatility, and no odor or taste, making them ideal for direct and repetitive food contact. Still, manufacturers must adhere to specific FDA standards for safety and handling to achieve the FDA food-grade label.

This article discusses why manufacturers should consider switching to FDA silicone materials for food packaging and sealing needs.

Benefits of FDA Silicone Materials

FDA-grade silicone materials are durable and adaptable, enabling manufacturers to utilize them in multiple applications. One of its best qualities is resistance to external elements like extreme heat and stressful environments. Because of this, it is widely used in producing gaskets and seals for food packaging. Below are the many other advantages of using FDA-approved silicone products.

Resistance to Extreme Temperature

Silicone is known for its heat endurance qualities. It can withstand extreme hot and cold temperatures, ranging from -80 °F to 550 °F, without yielding its durability and shape. Silicone developed its low thermal conductivity due to its highly stable chemical structure.

Resistance to Liquid and Chemicals

Silicone is not only heat resistant but also watertight. It also can resist food oils and most chemical types. Thus, food containers sealed using FDA silicone materials prevent leakage and food contamination.

Resistance to Environmental and External Elements

Because of their durability, FDA silicone materials can repel environmental and external elements like aging, ozonation, and weathering. This specific silicone feature helps foods sealed in silicone gaskets prolong their shelf life.

Free of Harmful Fillers

Some food containers and sealers contain toxic organic compounds like Bisphenol S and A (BPS, BPA) that could lead to increased blood pressure, cardiovascular diseases, type 2 diabetes, and other hormonal and obesogenic effects. Fortunately, silicones are non-toxic materials safe for food sealing and packing purposes.

Prevents Unwanted Physical Changes

Due to its food-grade status, silicone materials are less vulnerable to discoloration, deformation, odor, and other unwanted changes that could result in food contamination, making them unsuitable for consumption. Subsequently, they have antifungal and nonstick properties that help prevent mold or fungal decay.


Silicone’s flexible nature allows manufacturers to transform and mold it into custom sealing profiles, extending its usability to a broader spectrum of food applications.

FDA Silicone Food Applications

FDA-grade silicone materials have extensive functions and can be applied to several food-related purposes:

  • Gaskets for food processing machinery
  • Food transfer tubing
  • Dairy tubing and fluid handling
  • Vending tubing
  • Brewery tubing and seals
  • Antimicrobial belting
  • Commercial oven seals
  • Coffee machine tubing
  • Food-grade beverage gaskets
  • O-rings
  • Vibration pads
  • Electrical insulators

Get Exceptional FDA Silicone Materials From ElastaPro

Food safety doesn’t stop with food processing. Manufacturers should also consider using food-grade materials to keep their products fresh and free from harmful substances.

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