What To Look For With Uncured Silicone Compound

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Uncured Silicone Rubber Compounds are used by fabricators to convert into cured articles, through typical thermoset methods of compression, transfere, injection, extrusion and calendering.

Here’s what to look for when dealing with uncured silicone so that your projects are finished to the highest quality and safety requirements:

1. Consistency

Silicone Compound consists of silicone rubber and other key additives such as heat stabilizers, flame retardants, process aids, color, and catalysts. Proper dispersion of these ingredients is critical in ensuring the highest quality fabricated part for optimal functional performance and proper appearance.

2. Color

Uncured Silicone compound is available in a variety of colors. When working with uncured silicone, choose the right color for your project. When color matching, it’s important to match the cured material as uncured material may change color after curing.

3. Shelf-Life/Storage

Various catalyst systems are used in uncured silicone rubber compounds. The fabrication methods determine which catalyst to use. Both Peroxides and Platinum are used and either can be used for extrusion, molding or calendering. Typical shelf life periods are from 90 days to 180 days, depending on the catalyst used. Refrigeration typically helps in extending the shelf life by an additional 50%.

4. Cure Time

Cure time depends on what catalyst and cure temperatures are used, along with the thickness of the fabricated part. Rheological Studies are an effective way to determine the optimal time/temperature combination needed to fabricate a part.

5. Preform

To help facilitate part fabrication, various preforms are available to assist the fabricator in loading their equipment. Performs such as “wig-wag” are used for extrusion, along with “pigs” for injection and sheets or pre cut slabs are also an option. It’s best to consult with your mixer to determine the best performance for your fabrication methods.

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How To Choose a Silicone Manufacturer

As the demand for accurate and dependable products increases, so does the need for trustworthy manufacturers. Thus, the first step in ensuring the long-term success of your business is selecting the ideal silicone product manufacturer. However, choosing the right one might take significant work, as the market is crowded with suppliers who claim to be capable of providing your needs.

When looking for the best silicone manufacturer for your company, there are a few factors you should take into account before making a final choice. Here are the four most important considerations:

Choosing the Right Silicone Partner

Here’s a list of things that you should look at when selecting a silicone manufacturer for your business:


When selecting a manufacturer for silicone products, proximity is an important consideration. Technological advancements have made it possible to obtain products from around the world, so where you invest your money by sourcing your components is a key decision.

The US is one of the leading producers of silicone goods worldwide and sets the bar for inventive production techniques. Thus, your company may save money in the long run and get an advantage over competitors by using silicone manufactured in the country. These products are guaranteed best quality, and you can leverage better turnaround times and cutting-edge innovation.

Remember that you are establishing a long-term collaboration rather than just looking for a passable manufacturer. Therefore, your main goal should be to select a manufacturer who can supply you with cost-effective and efficient parts.

Track Record

Choosing a silicone manufacturer with a history of success and a solid reputation is always best. Inquire about the types of projects undertaken by potential manufacturers and determine how your project might fit within their experience. Finding a manufacturer specializing in your industry might help you avoid potentially costly errors.

You can also test the performance of the manufacturer’s supplied products. Some producers could charge you a small fee for procuring a sample. Still, it would pay to invest in confirming their products’ caliber; if the quality isn’t up to your requirements, it will save you from larger losses.


When looking for the top silicone goods manufacturer, look for skilled employees and management. All employees in the manufacturing company — including designers, quality controllers, engineers, salespeople, and customer service representatives — should be well-qualified and exhibit professional conduct. An experienced team will aid in producing high-quality items that will benefit your company.

Good Communication

A collaborative and respectful attitude with a strong customer service team is crucial in your silicone manufacturing partner. The provider should take the time to understand your business and needs during the design process or after the product has been manufactured. Choosing a manufacturer in the same time zone can also help facilitate communication, especially when dealing with urgent requirements.

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