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  1. Silicone Supply

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    Everybody’s talking about silicone supply, but elastomers that don’t meet specifications aren’t the right way to meet demand. Don’t let them put your projects at risk.

    ElastaPro tests the physical properties for each and every lot of all of our sheet materials. Our in-house testing laboratory can provide you with test results for specifications such as:

    • durometer
    • tensile strength
    • tear strength
    • percent elongation
    • fluid & heat aging and much more.

    Recently, our in-house lab added a third Tensometer and a more sophisticated Shore A Durometer instrument for the most accurate results. ElastaPro also sends samples to third-party accredited laboratories to confirm the results of our own testing.

    The benefits don’t end there. All of our silicones are Made in the USA. We also have a large selection of stocked items and can take you from lab batch to large-scale production.

    Are you concerned about your silicone supply? Let us know what you need.

    Contact us for more information, or to place an order. Follow us on LinkedIn, too.


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