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  1. Solid Silicone Sheeting

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    ElastaPro carries a large inventory of solid silicone sheeting in various thicknesses, colors, grades, and durometers If the material you need is not in stock, we can usually turn around your order within two weeks.

    How do we do it? ElastaPro stocks most key raw materials, including specifications-grade ingredients that let us convert uncured silicone compound into silicone sheeting. With our fully integrated silicone mixing operation, we’re built for speed and customization.

    What about quality? ElastaPro operates a full-service and calibrated silicone development lab for sample preparation and physical property testing. We know that quality counts and meeting your needs for solid silicone sheeing is our #1 goal.

    In these uncertain times, ElastaPro has the flexibility to get the job done. We’re not constrained by big company rules, rigid profit targets, or the uncertainty that comes with imported silicone sheet. All of our solid silicone sheeting s proudly made at our facility in the USA.

    Contact us for more information, or to place an order. Follow us on LinkedIn, too.


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